Eco-Cuisine's products are designed to inspire cooks and chefs to create delicious plant-based menu items. With our products, you can produce fresh, local, vegetarian cuisine that delivers on taste and nutrition while saving on labor and food cost.

Our “speed scratch" mixes combine the speed of working with mixes with the creativity of cooking from scratch. Each of our products can be used to replace meat in any existing menu item or can be combined with dairy, egg and/or meat to create healthy menu items with a reduced use of animal products. Our mixes allow for diverse recipe applications, enabling professional chefs to add locally grown produce, herbs, and condiments to create signature menu items. To learn more about our products, download our product documents at the bottom of this page.

Our products are available through Foodservice Express, US Foods, Sysco, Reinhart, FSA. If you have any questions about ordering our product, please contact us at

Italian Lasagna Roll

Italian Lasagna Roll

Lentil Cutlet

Lentil Cutlet

Plant-Based Baked Alaska

Plant-Based Baked Alaska


Our cookbook was written to as a guide for professional and personal cooks to apply classical cooking techniques to vegan cuisine preparation.

This cookbook also allows chef instructors at educational institutions to integrate vegan cuisine into existing state or vocational approved curricula. Each unit of your curriculum can be enhanced with the addition of a vegan component. In addition, we also offer a Vegan Culinary Curriculum Supplement, which includes:

  • Understanding vegetarian cuisine

  • Consumer vegetarian dietary preferences

  • Vegetarian protein nutrition

  • Vegan ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques, both savory and pastry

To learn more about our cookbook, download our product documents at the bottom of this page.

We also offer the following services for professional chefs:

  • For recipe applications and conversions for each product, email

  • To view training videos demonstrating product preparation, visit our Video Gallery

  • For technical assistance in using products in commissaries/industrial food product facilities for retail sale on supermarket deli shelves, email

If you are interested in learning more about our products or cookbooks, we offer the following documents: