Eco-Cuisine has been operating for over 20 years creating plant-based savory and dessert mixes for professional chefs and home cooks.

Our line of products is ideal for anybody who wants to improve their own health, and the health of the planet, by adopting a plant-based vegan or vegetarian diet.

As a complement to our mixes, we offer Chef Ron's comprehensive, easy to understand vegan cookbook for inspired cooks and chefs. Our easy to prepare food products, books, videos, and consulting services create an offering that will allow large or small scale chefs to serve memorable, plant-based cuisine that delivers on both taste and nutrition. Eco-Cuisine’s products allow you to save on labor and food cost while delivering on taste, nutrition, and recipe innovation.

All Eco-Cuisine products are Vegan, Natural and Certified Kosher.

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Written by Executive Vegan Chef Ron Pickarski, The Classical Vegetarian Cookbook For Professional Chefs and Inspired Cooks is a modified version of the professional Certified Vegetarian Cook (CVC) certification program.  Upon reading this book, a novice vegetarian cook will have a comprehensive basic understanding of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.

Learn how to take what we like in meat and translate that into classical French and modern American vegan-vegetarian cuisine in ways that professional chefs and inspired cooks can integrate into their daily cuisine


Chef Ron Pickarski

Chef Ron Pickarski is an Executive Chef and founder of Eco-Cuisine. Health issues prompted Ron's discovery of the medicinal benefits of a vegetarian diet over 40 years ago, and since then, Chef Ron has spent most of his time developing and perfecting plant-based mixes for use in the home and in professional kitchens.

Chef Ron has received many awards and honors in his career, including leading his team to a Gold Medal in the Culinary Olympics and being the sole chef chosen to represent North America at the United Nations PULSE Conference.

Chef Ron enjoys spending time in the kitchen and educating others about vegetarian and vegan cooking techniques, and recently published the most comprehensive instructional cookbook developed to teach chefs and inspired cooks how to prepare vegan and vegetarian cuisine, The Classical Vegetarian Cookbook for Professional & Inspired Cooks.

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