Healthy - Flavorful - Versatile - Sustainable
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Providing exciting options for your vegan,
vegetarian, and health-conscious consumers

Simplify inventory with basic savory & dessert speed scratch (dry) mixes with multiple recipe variations
Chef-developed products are menu concept
driven with minimum labor, skill, & food costs

Flexitarian® - Adaptable to any style of cuisine,
dietary preference, & foodservice operation
A Flexitarian® True to Nature Company
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Eco-Cuisine®, Inc. was founded by Chef Ron Pickarski, and is the first chef-driven vegetarian foodservice company in the US to develop a line of plant-based savory and dessert products including bakery, pudding, and protein mixes and broth powders. 

Healthy Choice:
  Our products use natural and environmentally friendly ingredients to create great tasting, healthy choices to satisfy a variety of consumer preferences.  Each plant-based mix is high in nutritive value, cholesterol- and dairy-free, and lower-fat while meeting the dining needs of vegans, vegetarians, lactose-intolerant, and health conscious consumers who actively choose vegetarian options.

Infinite Options:  Our dry blended speed scratch mixes are very versatile in that they have been developed as basic vegan mixes to provide unlimited options for creative recipe variations including the Flexitarian® option to add eggs, dairy, or meat if desired, to meet any dietary preference.  Center-of-the-plate savory items are enhanced by a range of broth powders to complement the proteins while instant soy puddings can serve as icings, pastry creams, and sauces to complement the bakery products.

Menu Integration: The focus of our products is on the seamless integration of healthy and vegetarian cuisine into traditional, casual, fine dining, deli, or institutional menus.  The mixes are menu concept driven which means that they can be integrated into specific or existing menus and recipes versus creating menus and inventory around the product.

"In working with Eco-Cuisine products I've always been pleased with the two aspects that are a must for me.  First, the quality is such that I can cross market to Vegan Vegetarian and Carnivore alike, thus reducing some SKU's in many Menuable applications.  Second,  I've found the product to be consistent."

William Franklin CMC
ACF Western Region Vice President

"The move to the Eco Cuisine products have been incredibly beneficial to us, not only from a marketing standpoint, but also in our constant effort to be at the forefront of the dietary desires of our guests. The products are easy to prepare and keep in production, shelf stable, and extremely versatile. Chef Pickarski has been very helpful in training me and my staff on the product and giving us the understanding that this is a cooking medium - a product that has only as many uses as the creative chef can come up with. If you want to set yourself apart from everyone out there struggling with vegan and vegetarian options, these are the products for you."

Executive Chef Jeremy Glas C.E.C. 
Wynkoop Brewing Company Denver

"Thank you for the positive integration of Eco-Cuisine's products into The Chicago Diner's vegan menu. The quality, consistency & taste have pleased our loyal customers and we are proud to serve such healthy exciting meals."

Mickey Hornick   
The Chicago Diner

"Ron Pickarski’s Eco-Cuisine brand products are excellent. As a chef of some large resorts and university kitchens I have found his products very valuable to my staff because they are easy to prepare and require minimum time. The shelf stable products provide a high quality natural and healthy dining/vegetarian option. My health conscious consumers enjoy the menu items produced with the products."

Chad Tyler Brodkin,  Executive Chef
Vegetarian Italian Sausage Rolls